Marketing is one of the most popular career choices for young people today. And it is easy to see why. Marketers are the people who make everyone else buy more, travel more and live more.

Marketing is concerned with identifying consumer demand connected to a product or service and developing ways in which consumers can purchase these said products and services. This involves analysing market research, distribution, design of the product, place (i.e. where to sell it), pricing and promotion – also known as the 4 ‘Ps’.

Of course one of the biggest reasons why so many youngsters are drawn into this industry is to work on prestigious brands like Coca Cola, Vodacom and Mercedes Benz.

Truth is, the list below goes far beyond designing a cool poster or working on a television commercial with a famous logo on it.

Here are 10 reasons why you

should become a marketer:

1. Career prospects

Marketing is a fast-growing industry. With programs and technology constantly evolving, so are the opportunities to market more effectively.

You could not only be involved in new and exciting marketing techniques, but you could also use what you learn to move up within the industry. From social media marketing to marketing automation, the industry is so to say, your oyster.


2. It’s all about the experience

The marketing industry is not about how many degrees you have, but rather the experience you have in the industry. With hard work comes great opportunities. Your early career will start as a junior position, but there are many opportunities to keep improving and moving on up to land a manager . or team leader role.

Work hard and keep learning.


3. Use your skills anywhere

Marketing is a vital part of almost every organisation.

This means that your expertise will be in high demand across a vast range of industries. Whether you want to work for a digital marketing agency, for your favourite brand, or even for a charity – you’ll always be able to work on something you’re passionate about.

And with marketing roles teaching you everything from commercial awareness and critical thinking, through to interpersonal skills and creativity, you’ll be developing an invaluable set of transferable skills for any role you decide to pursue.


4. Use your creativity

Marketing is one of the most, if not the most creative industry there is. As a marketer, you will be responsible for new ideas, innovative ways of doing advertising products or services and thinking outside the box.

So you’ll get to apply your creativity in a variety of areas, from initial campaign ideas all the way through the small details – like choosing copy or imagery.

These are exciting times, with almost limitless possibilities. The challenges and rewards have never been greater.


5. Networking, networking and more networking

In the marketing landscape, you get to connect with people all the time. Account managers need to be able to get along and understand their clients; a strategist needs to anticipate what target audiences might want; a public relations pro needs to know how audiences will respond to news, and designers and developers need to understand consumer behaviour and user journeys. To be a truly effective marketer, you need to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand how they think and feel.

Marketing also includes working in teams to develop and nurture innovative ideas for campaigns, so if you love working in teams, this industry is for you!


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