Creating a personal brand as a marketer can be a tricky task! We get so caught up in our processes of creating brand identities and designs, that we get lost in where to begin a personal brand.

In an ever-evolving job market, it is essential to create a strong personal brand that will help you in your job seeking journey, or even starting your own company. It will help you stand out and also give a sense of who you are and how your future employers or customers will perceive you.

Here are a few tips on creating an engaging, unique, and inviting personal brand.


1. Stop trying to do everything

It is essential for any marketer to know what they specialise in, what makes them unique and also what they want to pursue. To try and be a one-stop-shop marketer is not only going to create confusion in your own mind but will also leave you with skills you can only partially master. Split focus is problematic for a lot of marketers and even agencies.

If you can excel in something specific to the industry, you become a thought leader, a master, a ‘unicorn’ in what you do. This is valuable to any agency or client as they know they are getting the best.


2. Be you

The biggest rule of personal branding is to be authentic. Be you. Don’t try to sell yourself as something you are not. People can see right through someone that is influenced by the industry, social media and external sources.

It will be so much easier to manage your own brand if your own brand is you. Your personal brand should be something that comes naturally to you. Instead of trying to be the next big thing in the marketing scene, stick to what makes you, uniquely you. You should be able to live your brand every day.


3. Tell your story

Create a personal brand narrative people can relate to. Similar to marketing and working with brand personas, you want people to relate to your brand story, what makes you tick, who you are and what you stand for.

A cool way to sell your story is to create a visual representation of it. Record video of yourself or even create an infographic of your skills.


4. Fail and own up to it

Part of your process of establishing a strong personal brand, more often than you would think, is to fail. Be ready to make mistakes, be ready for disappointment, but learn from it.

The strongest brands in the world did not blossom overnight. They often come from failed attempts. Learn from what you do wrong and put the learnings into practice. Own up to your mistakes also help you with taking ownership and responsibilities, and this is a key characteristic that most employers and also clients look for.


5. Find your example

A great way to start your personal brand is to take inspiration from others. There is a lot to be learnt from celebrities and big shots in the industry. You can also learn a lot from others in how they live their brand, how they make it a part of their everyday life and how they use platforms like social media to engage with the right audience.


The journey of building a personal brand is a fun one. Remember to be yourself and remember to live by it, every day.

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