For all you young creatives out there considering marketing as a career choice, or even if you are already in the marketing industry and planning for your next step, here is a list of jobs you can do in the marketing industry.

The South African marketing industry is ever-changing as it grows and adapts to the new demands of consumers. The emergence of marketing automation is the latest transformation faced by the industry and if you wish to be a success in the marketing field, it is essential that you remain up to date with the needs of your industry’s target market.


Popular marketing jobs:


Graphic designer:

Graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. Traditional graphic designers focus heavily on printed media, while digital designers focus on online platforms like websites, social media campaigns, UI and UX for web-apps or native apps and any online-based marketing.



Web developers are responsible for coding and building websites and any digital products. Although web development can be broken up into two main sides; front-end development and back-end development; developers are tasked with the production of most online material that makes up a digital campaign.

Web developers are tasked with staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the marketing industry. This includes developing websites that function perfectly on desktops and mobile devices, developing products using various coding languages and finding solutions to make a customer’s user journey easier online.


Account Manager:

This involves working within the advertising, digital or direct marketing industries in what is a fast-paced and challenging role. Your main role is to oversee marketing campaigns and your daily activities include managing an account portfolio, delivering presentations, attending client meetings and generating new business using your growing list of contacts.


Brand Manager:

Your job is to ensure the brand you work for looks the part in terms of integrity as well as appearance. In this role, you can expect to perform the following duties: performing consumer research, managing a team of junior staff, keeping tabs on market trends and organising launch parties for the brand.


Brand and digital strategist:

Marketing strategists design and carry out assessments of consumer reactions to new products/services, modified products, packaging, and advertising themes. They gather, organise, and interpret data using software and statistical tools.

Strategists must prepare and deliver presentations to marketing managers highlighting their findings.


Media Planner:

Media planners work to determine what forms of media a company should use to attract consumers or gain users. Planners also consult to clients to determine where effect spend of marketing budget should be allocated to.


Social Media Marketer:

Companies of all kinds have placed increased emphasis on online marketing. Social media marketers organise the presence and refine the image of their organisation on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Social media marketers work in teams of content creators, designers and social media experts to manage and roll out interactive, forward-thinking social media campaigns.


Content marketer:

The content marketing team will plan the development and implementation of a content strategy. This includes building content calendars, creating a writing process and delivery strategy for social and automation workflows, contributing to social media posts, and ultimately, crafting interesting and well-researched content that drives traffic and engages site visitors.


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